Minding Manners at New Boon(e)

In April I curated a show of five artist at New Boone titled Minding Manners. The five artist who participated are Rae Burns,         Dave Greer, Morgan Gilbreath, Luke Cloran and Wade Smith. Here are some materials from the Show. 215 Paperclips also listed the show as a must see!

Minding Manners is a group show of five artists: Rae Burns, Luke Cloran, Morgan Gilbreath, Dave Greer and Wade Smith. Through etiquette, we learn manners which are used to navigate social situations. We use these codes of behavior to defuse challenging or uncomfortable situations and topics. When we have these methods in place we sometimes find ourselves in spaces of social dullness. We end up in situations that are inadequate for a true, honest form of human communication. These works leave manners behind and let difficulty fill the space.