Memory Video

I'm in the middle of editing a lot of projects right now. A good deal of the work I am doing is video based in the last few months. I took on a very personal project this December. Its a short video of my family. I spent Thanksgiving interviewing all of them asking them about memories; their memories. I don't usually make work about my family in this way, but I was inspired to create a video like this when one of my teachers in college said something that really stuck with me. My teacher Micheal Lewis's father had recently passed away. I didn't know Michael very well at the time but it was easy to see that the death of his father was unexpected and life changing for him. One day without much reason he told us this:" Take video of your parents. Have them speaking on tape because there will be a day that you don't remember what their voices sound like." I never thought of death like that before. It was an amazing moment so fucking real. Fast forward three years later and now I'm going through three hours of footage of everyone in my family talking. Its been odd and extremely rewarding. Here are some stills. In order from top to bottom: Grandma Elsie, Dad, Grandma Price and Tami. More to come!