"At times I fake my enthusiasm. At others, I fear I am incapable of communicating the depth of it."

-Maggie Nelson, Bluets




Stephanie Price is a photographer (and retoucher by request) in New York & Philadelphia. She graduated from the Tyler School of Art in 2013. Our girl is a founding member at New Boon(e) Artist Studio/Gallery. Her work with New Boone has been recognized in publications on the Art Blog and throughout Philadelphia's artist community. At the moment, She is working for Terrain, an outdoor brand within the URBN corporation. In the past, Stephanie has worked for Anthropologie as a photo retoucher and La Colombe as a photographer. Her retouching work has been featured in BackStage Magazine and Essence Magazine. 


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Ruth & Her Friend, the phone, 2017

Ruth & Her Friend, the phone, 2017